WRTA Paratransit

WRTA ADA Application Approval Process

Once the ADA Application has been completed and the completed Professional Verification Form has been received from the healthcare professional (HCP), the ADA Coordinator will review the information. At that time, a transportation eligibility determination will be made; if more information is required to make a determination as to your ability or inability to use the fixed route bus based on the strict categories of eligibility as outlined by the Federal Transit Administration, the ADA Coordinator will contact the applicant and/or HCP. 

When a transportation eligibility determination is made, a number of outcomes are possible:

Once you are determined as eligible, whether conditionally or unconditionally, you can expect to receive a package in the mail with all of the pertinent information including your eligibility letter. Please review all of the information carefully.

You will also receive a Photo Identification card that must be shown to the driver each time you board the WRTA vehicle and that also must be shown upon request by the driver at any time. 

Eligibility determinations typically have a five-year expiration date but can also be for a shorter period of time based on the eligibility determination. Customers who have been denied service will receive a letter and information on how to appeal the decision.

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